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VOTE: Simplifying By-Law #3 (Canon)

Posted: 26 Jun 2020, 16:22
by greenfelt22
Per our discussion on the Canon By-Law, the time has come to bring this matter to a vote.

The original version of By-Law #3 can be read here, and we are proposing that all of it be REPLACED by the language below:
By-Law #3 – Canon
  1. Game Managers are free to determine what is or what will not be canon for their simulation(s) and/or game(s).
  2. Members and Game Managers from multiple simulations may work together to create shared canon amongst each other.
    1. Any such developments will remain unique to those player(s) and/or simulation(s) and may not be reused without proper permission and accreditation.
    2. Should a sim wish to withdraw from the shared canon group, it will not need to forfeit any shared canon developments. It may continue moving forward as long as it maintains the proper accreditation.
Please vote above. As this is a By-Law adjustment, the quorum for this vote to be valid is 50%+1.

VOTE ENDS: Monday, June 29th at 4:20pm EDT

**Edit 26.6.2020 4:30pm: Changed a typo in 1.2 - with was supposed to be wish**

Re: VOTE: Simplifying By-Law #3 (Canon)

Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 06:34
by greenfelt22
With a vote of 17-3, and a quorum, this measure has passed.