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Vote 2 of 3: Division Restructure (Changes to Charter, Section 4)

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 13:37
by greenfelt22
Per the recent discussion on Division Restructure, the time has come to vote on the proposal. This is the second of three votes, all of which will run concurrent with one another. This particular vote is centered on Section 4, regarding Officers and Division Heads.

The first 5 items under "Officers" will be unaffected, with point 6 being modified, and point 7 added. The section, as proposed, is (alterations in bold):
  1. Any Officer will be unable to serve in multiple Officer roles, unless in an emergency.
  2. Officer positions include the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Division Heads, and other Officers as contained within the by-laws.
The section regarding Division Heads will be revamped in full (alterations in bold):
  1. Once a Division reaches four (4) active games, the Council will appoint a Division Head.
  2. Division Heads must run an active game in the Division they oversee.
  3. Division Heads will be nominated by and appointed by the Council with a simple majority (50%+1) vote.
  4. Each Division Head is permitted to authorize a deputy when the Division reaches ten (10) games. The Division Head will be permitted to appoint additional deputies at each addition five (5) games thereafter.
  5. Division Heads shall be allowed to:
    1. Accept and reject new games
    2. Permit the transfer of external games into the organization
    3. Develop and maintain new canon initiatives
    4. Close a game and/or transfer ownership of a game to new GM.
    5. Exercise any additional powers granted to them in the by-laws.
  6. Division Heads shall serve from January 1 to December 31 of a calendar year.
  7. Division Heads shall be subject to a yearly election.
  8. Should a Division Head be appointed for a partial term, they shall still be subject to reelection at the end of the term.
As this is a Charter modification, a quorum of 75% will be needed for this vote to considered valid.

Re: Vote 2 of 3: Division Restructure (Changes to Charter, Section 4)

Posted: 23 Jun 2020, 14:31
by greenfelt22
With 26 votes and a quorum of 78.8%, this measure has passed.