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CONFIRMATION VOTE - Collaborative Machine

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Hello all, we are now voting to confirm the following awards for Collaborative Machine:

Alpha Juliet
This is a person who goes out of their way to include everyone in what they are doing. They actively seek out Jp's, ways to get themselves into a plot, and always come up with ideas that allow them to show their creative side and share that with the group. This is a person who helps make a community like ours what it is.

JakeSjet (2 nominations)
As the godfather of Messier 4 and all of its celestial companions, Sjet has created the from scratch the largest shared sandbox in the fleet to date. The compelling prose, plots, and growth are very compelling, not least of which would be the development of junior players into GMs of their own sims. Before he was Trek DH, Sjet was already doing the job on a smaller scale just for the fun of it.

JakeSJet was the first to lead a major collaborative effort between Game Masters not only within a genre but a fleet accepted canon in the 22nd Fleet. Jake has successfully created and brought in new GMs to his Messier Sims Canon group. Nothing but fantastic simming opportunity and quality stories have come from this group.

Excellent writer, plotter and schemer, and someone who spends a good bit of time getting others involved in conversations, plots, stories, character development and even persuades them to take up GMing from time to time. Player in many different sims, GM in at least two and always full of ideas to enhance gameplay, enrich stories and get involved on a deeper level. Brings a great and often twisted sense of humour with him too, though also some Dad jokes :) A lot of fun to work and write with and someone who brings an element of the complex, unique and hilarious with him to a sim.

Please vote YES to Accept; NO to Reject, or Abstain.