Vote: Fictions

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Should the new by-law, allowing fictions, be created?

Poll ended at 21 Feb 2020, 18:38

YAY - Accept the new by-law
NAY - Reject the new by-law
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Vote: Fictions

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The following vote is regarding adding an additional By-Law to allow a "fiction service" within the 22nd Fleet.

Original Discussion:

Proposed By-Law
The 22nd Fleet will maintain a service in which any fleet member may log in and share their original writing (hereafter referred to as "Fiction"), whether fan-fiction, original fiction, or any other type of creative writing.

* Fiction submitted to the 22nd Fleet Fiction service must be age-appropriate for all fleet members.
* Members may share a link to their own Fiction site within the fleet's Fiction service providing that they link back to the 22nd Fleet Fiction site and do not link to any other communities.
*Fiction sites will not be considered member sims and therefore their authors will not sit on the member council.
*This Fiction service shall be administered by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the 22nd Fleet or their designee(s).
This vote will conclude on FRI 21 FEB 2020 at approx 18:38 EST.