VOTE: 22nd Fleet Revamp

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Commit To The Revamp Proposal Of The 22nd Fleet

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VOTE: 22nd Fleet Revamp

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Charter Section 6: Voting
6.8- Any voting action taken by the Council requires a quorum. Quorum is defined as 50%+1 of the Fleet’s active leadership. The Quorum to modify the Charter, unless otherwise noted, is 75% of the Fleet’s active leadership.
This vote is to ratify a revamping of the 22nd Fleet’s governmental infrastructure as discussed previously. This vote will be held over 3 days and will need to pass a quorum of 15.

Below this statement is the body of the Revamp proposal, as well as a link to the changelog of affected Charter and By-Law sections.

22nd Fleet

Voting will close after June 25nd 11.00 BST

greenfelt22 wrote: 16 Jun 2021, 08:31 Hello everyone,

As all of you are aware, there has been a lot of strife in the GM Council over the last year or so. This is due to a variety of reasons, and largely because we are having issues understanding each other and getting along. Some say that this is natural as different personalities don't always mix well, but it’s also bringing in a side of things that wasn’t supposed to exist in 22nd, and that’s politics.

When the 22nd Fleet was founded, it was done by a group of like-minded individuals who had the ability to work together and see eye-to-eye. Two years later, only four people remain from that founding group, and we’ve brought in a lot of people from the outside. Our GM Applications can’t wholly determine who can and won’t be a good fit for this organization, and often times, our flaws aren’t revealed until there is a conflict of some sort. Our multiple conflicts have had a myriad of consequences. It’s forced members out of this organization. It’s nearly killed our community. It’s caused many GMs to avoid Council business altogether.

22nd’s initial structure was founded with its original members in mind, and little thought to expansion. And that’s quite frankly my own fault since I never really planned on expanding too far beyond our initial size. Obviously, the opposite was realized. Our expansion has challenged every ideal, and while we’ve already made a lot of adjustments, the events of this year alone have given us a chance to evaluate our standing and what we need to do to move forward.

We’re lucky to get more than half the Council to vote on matters. We’re lucky to even get half that amount to contribute to discussions on the forum. There are several who don’t participate at all. And, frankly, that’s okay. Many have become disillusioned to the process, or put off by the interaction from others and have no desire to participate. We can’t change people. We can try to understand each other, but ultimately, we can’t change people.

But we can change the process.

I’m here today to propose a radical change to how the 22nd Fleet operates. Our wounds are deep. The Council needs time to heal, and GMs who are teetering on the edge need a reason to start coming back into the overall fold. It’s the community that has suffered the most, and the time has come for repairs and a restart.

This is why I present this proposal for review. A full changelog for the affected sections of the by-laws and charter are presented in a Google Doc for an easier look, but I’ll provide a TL;DR of the changes:

  • There is a small power shift from the Council to the Officers.
  • The Council will not be disbanded.
  • The Council will still appoint and remove Officers.
  • The Council will approve/reject structural changes presented by the Officers.
  • The Council can still suggest/propose structural changes, but will be filtered and researched by Officers first.
  • Committees can be formed ad-hoc by officers to look at structural changes, and immediately disbanded upon the proposal of the change.
  • Council members will have much more time to do what they came here to do, which is run their sims.
  • Officers will focus on cultivating and moderating the community.
  • Officers can’t vote in removal proceedings.
  • Officers will still accept/reject/close sims.
  • Term limits for the Chairperson are repealed.
  • The Council will only need to act when called upon. No more always remaining vigilant with a 24/7 need to check the forums.
Places where changes need to be made:
  • Charter Section 3.2
  • Charter Section 4
  • By-Law #2
  • By-Law #13 (altering scheduling)
I also need to state that while I am the one presenting this proposal, I did take the opportunity to preview this plan with the current group of Officers. Because we greatly realize that this proposal presents enough of a paradigm shift, if the proposal is accepted by majority vote, all five Officers have agreed to step down and face immediate re-election. This is to ensure that the Council has both full trust in this plan, and full trust in those elected to these positions. There is absolutely no intention to abuse power or to deceive anyone. We are all highly vested in the success of this organization, and we want to do best by both the Council and the Fleet at large.

It is my hope that with these changes, we’ll see a calm return to the fleet. Because topics will be presented less often, the in-fighting should start to die down. As the in-fighting subsides, we hope those who have been unduly pushed to the edge will start to return to the fold.

Most importantly, we hope it will return FUN to the 22nd.


Humbly submitted,