VOTE: Revamping By-Law 8

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Revamping By-Law 8

Poll ended at 16 Apr 2021, 10:14

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Total votes: 18

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VOTE: Revamping By-Law 8

Post by sjet » The original discussion in regards to the revamping of By-law 8.
By-Law #8 – Approval Of New GM’s
The approval of all new Game Managers rests with the Division Head and their authorized deputies.

To open a game in the 22nd Fleet, a prospective GM must complete all the following steps:
  1. Agree to abide by the Fleet Charter, By-Laws, and Code of Conduct
  2. Submit a game proposal to the appropriate division through the GM application form
  3. Consult with the Division Head and/or their designee to refine or expound a proposal if necessary
  4. Create and publish a website for the game to a level of completeness to permit the recruitment of players
  5. Draft the game entry post for the 22nd Fleet Website
  6. Receive final approval by the Division Head/or their designee who shall then officially announce the addition of a new game and list the game on the 22nd Fleet website.
By-Laws must be accepted by a 50%+1 vote of the Council. The quorum for this vote is 12 GM Council votes.

This vote will be carried out over a three-day period starting on the 13th of April 2021 at 16.15BST and ending on the 16th of April 2021 at 16.15BST.
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Re: VOTE: Revamping By-Law 8

Post by AlphaJuliet »

Thanks everyone for voting. This vote is now closed, results being:

Yays: 17
Nays: 0
Abstains: 1

Total votes: 16

Quorum was reached, and with a clear majority the Yays have it.